A Stout Drought in Germany



Last week Mrs. Stoutwhisperer and I traveled to Munich, Germany to visit our son.  While we were there, we took a quick trip over the Alps to spend a weekend in Venice, Italy.   We were able to visit a couple of famous beer meccas in Munich, the Augustiner Keller and the 2016-06-20_153653775_7E5EC_iOSHofbrauhaus.  They are amazing for their size, their atmosphere, and their ability to bring both locals and tourists together into an incredible melting pot.  Germans drink their beer in one liter glass mugs (“Ein mas bier, bitte”).  To the left is a picture of a wall full of these glass mugs ready to be filled and brought to your table by waiters or waitresses who can carry 4 or 5 of these mugs filled with beer at a time!!  For someone who drinks their beer in 12oz 2016-06-16_164722435_E5D50_iOSor 22 oz sizes, one liter is quite a bit!  Germany also has Continue reading