Love that Maple!

I’m a big fan of maple syrup….the smell, the taste, the romanticism about tapping a tree and letting the sap drain into a bucket.  All in all, it’s quite a wonderful nectar of nature. Not surprisingly, maple has become the adjunct du jour in the Stout world, and frankly, I’m thrilled.  The addition of mapleContinue reading “Love that Maple!”

A To-TOLL-y great time!

If anyone follows my Instagram or Twitter feeds, you’ll know that The Toll from Raleigh Brewing is one of my favorite local Stouts.  To celebrate all things Toll, the good people at Raleigh Brewing decided to hold a “Fireside Chat”.  For a nominal admission price, you could enjoy unlimited pours (within reason of course) ofContinue reading “A To-TOLL-y great time!”

I scored an Epic Triple Double this weekend!

If you are into basketball at all, you know what a Triple Double is.  For those who are not basketball fans, a Triple Double is when a player achieves double digits (i.e. 10 or more) in three of the major statistical categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals or blocks.  Achieving a Triple Double is aContinue reading “I scored an Epic Triple Double this weekend!”

The Stout Hall of Fame – Nominees?

Saluting the wonderful Stout with an International Stout Day on November 2 made me start to think about a Stout Hall of Fame.  If we were to start a Stout Hall of Fame, what Stouts would be part of the initial class?  What do you think?  If I think about the rules for induction, thisContinue reading “The Stout Hall of Fame – Nominees?”

All about the Stout!

So the annual celebration of Stout has come and gone….Thursday, November 2 was International Stout Day…..and as Mrs. Stoutwhisperer so appropriately asked, “Why is it on a Thursday?”  Good question….wouldn’t a celebration of Stout be more appropriate on a Friday or Saturday?  As I write this, I’m enjoying a 2016 Goose Island Bourbon County BrandContinue reading “All about the Stout!”

Hitting the Road to Italy and I need your help!!

Haven’t posted in some time….but I’ve been updating my picture page, so check out what I’ve been enjoying lately!  This time, I’ve got a request of my stoutstanding readers….I’m heading to Italy next Sunday for 12 days and will be visiting Florence, Assisi, and Rome!  While I’m looking forward to enjoying Italy’s finest grapes, I’llContinue reading “Hitting the Road to Italy and I need your help!!”

Wrapping up the weekend with Big Bad Baptista, a wonderful complex Stout from the good people at @epicbrewing! Love the layers of vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, chocolate and the hint of barrel aging! It works so well together! It’s a winner in my book – so glad I had the chance to enjoy this Stoutstanding elixir!

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My Brush with the Dark Arts

The signs were there….last November, I went to Asheville with my two sons for a weekend Stoutcation.  We made the rounds to many of the local breweries and had a fantastic time.  Check out my blogpost for a review of that weekend.  In fact, I’m hopeful that Stoutcation II can happen later this year!  One ofContinue reading “My Brush with the Dark Arts”

North Carolina Beer (Stout) Month!

This past Friday, April 7, was National Beer Day….as if one needs a “Day” to enjoy a Stout!   Not quite sure how this happened, but while Beer gets only a day, the entire month of April has been proclaimed North Carolina Beer Month! It’s a local celebration of all of the wonderful breweries and theirContinue reading “North Carolina Beer (Stout) Month!”