Who is the Stoutwhisperer?

Who am I?  I’m just a regular guy who happens to have an affinity to Stout beer.  I like the taste, the smell, the pour, the warmth, the different flavors…..just about everything!  I like to write and I like stout beer, so I thought I would combine these into one location, one place where I can store my thoughts and ideas about the Stout life!  I’m located on the East Coast, in beautiful North Carolina, so while I am fortunate to be in an area where local craft beer is appreciated, I still work at finding the local breweries (of all sizes) elsewhere where their love and devotion to the craft is understood.  The Alesmiths, the Firestone Walkers, the Deschutes, the Goose Islands, and the Toppling Goliaths of the world…..one day I will make a cross country trip to visit these wonderful breweries and sample their brews in their taprooms……

I am a husband and a dad who happens to have a preference for Stout beer.  While I enjoy the occasional DIPA or two (Heady Topper and Pliny the Elder are a couple that I will seek out), I always come home to the Stouts.  There are just too many variations on the Stout theme to get bored and I will try just about anything.

I enjoy a bit of discussion and feedback, so don’t be shy!  Thanks for visiting and don’t be a stranger!


One thought on “About

  1. I just read your article on brewstuds about cellaring featuring the infographic developed for next door self storage. I loved the article as I have begun to aquire and cellar beers over the past yr (mostly stouts of course)
    I went looking for the entire graphic on the next door web site(the article stated that the graphic was longer) but was unable to locate it.
    Do you happen to know where I can see the entire graphic and if it’s possible to get a hard copy? I would love to have this on the wall in the cellar(my garage) any info would be appreciated thanks in advance and keep up the good work cheers!
    Tony Napoli


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