I scored an Epic Triple Double this weekend!

If you are into basketball at all, you know what a Triple Double is.  For those who are not basketball fans, a Triple Double is when a player achieves double digits (i.e. 10 or more) in three of the major statistical categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals or blocks.  Achieving a Triple Double is aContinue reading “I scored an Epic Triple Double this weekend!”

The Stout Hall of Fame – Nominees?

Saluting the wonderful Stout with an International Stout Day on November 2 made me start to think about a Stout Hall of Fame.  If we were to start a Stout Hall of Fame, what Stouts would be part of the initial class?  What do you think?  If I think about the rules for induction, thisContinue reading “The Stout Hall of Fame – Nominees?”

All about the Stout!

So the annual celebration of Stout has come and gone….Thursday, November 2 was International Stout Day…..and as Mrs. Stoutwhisperer so appropriately asked, “Why is it on a Thursday?”  Good question….wouldn’t a celebration of Stout be more appropriate on a Friday or Saturday?  As I write this, I’m enjoying a 2016 Goose Island Bourbon County BrandContinue reading “All about the Stout!”