Hitting the Road to Italy and I need your help!!

Haven’t posted in some time….but I’ve been updating my picture page, so check out what I’ve been enjoying lately!  This time, I’ve got a request of my stoutstanding readers….I’m heading to Italy next Sunday for 12 days and will be visiting Florence, Assisi, and Rome!  While I’m looking forward to enjoying Italy’s finest grapes, I’ll also be on the lookout for the best craft beer places in those locales.  I’ve done my online research on Beer Advocate and other forums but I still need your help….if you have any suggestions for craft beer places to visit – and any incredible off the beaten path places to eat – in Florence, Assisi and Rome, please send me a comment and I’ll be sure and check it out!  I’d like to check out the Stout scene, but I’m also interested in trying new styles while I’m there, especially lambics!  I’m hoping to bring a few items home, so the most helpful and impactful comment will be the recipient of one of the items I bring home.  I can’t promise what that will be, but I’m hoping to find some loons to bring through customs!!  Don’t be shy – I know many of you are world travelers, so give me your thoughts and suggestions!  I’ll do my best to post from Italy and let you know how the journey is going.  Also keep a watch on my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@stoutwhisperer) for more real time updates!!

Let me know where I need to go for good craft beer and amazing food in Rome, Florence, and Assisi!!!  Thanks!




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