North Carolina Beer (Stout) Month!

This past Friday, April 7, was National Beer Day….as if one needs a “Day” to enjoy a Stout!   Not quite sure how this happened, but while Beer gets only a day, the entire month of April has been proclaimed North Carolina Beer Month! It’s a local celebration of all of the wonderful breweries and their liquid creations that are scattered across the state from the coast to the mountains.

This special month gives me the opportunity to focus my weekend tastings on North Carolina Stouts and as I’ve curated my lineup for the month, I’ve come to the realization that there are some really good Stouts brewed here in North Carolina!  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@stoutwhisperer for both) on my Stout tour across North Carolina!  It promises to be a mix of old friends and new acquaintances!  I’ll provide a more in depth write up on my journey of North Carolina Stouts soon!


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I am a regular guy with an irregular affinity for all things Stout related. I enjoy sampling, reviewing and writing about Stouts for my blog,

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