My new Stout toys: Eagle Cap-Off and Fizzics!

The holidays have come and gone…..and it’s now time to introduce you to the new toys I received for Christmas….well, actually I bought for myself!    They are…the Eagle Cap-Off and Fizzics Waytap!

Truth be told, I bought the Eagle Cap-Off back in 2015.  It was a Kickstarter initiative and I thought it was cool, so I was one of the first 50 “investors” to buy one.  Apparently this was an old fashioned design of a bottle opener from the 1940’s that two entrepreneurs brought back to life and turned to the Kickstarter audience to fund their dream.  The campaign was a success and they went to work sourcing materials, getting the parts made, assembling the final product, and getting it to every investor.    Frankly, I had forgotten about it, so in mid-December when I received a small package in the mail, imagine my surprise when a fully functioning Eagle Cap-Off was inside!  My Kickstarter investment had arrived!   Pretty simple operation….put it on the top of the bottle, squeeze the handles together and the cap comes off!

Now I know you may be saying that a good old regular bottle opener works just fine, I would agree.  However, for something a little bit different, the Eagle Cap-Off would be a neat gift for any Stout lover…or craftbeer drinker for that matter.  It’s also a neat conversation starter…..over a couple of Stouts!   Head over to their website for more information, some history, and to order….and tell them the Stoutwhisperer sent you!!

Now that my bottle is open, it’s time for the pour and that’s where the Fizzics comes in!

The Fizzics is a system that pours your bottled or canned beer and then with a simple push of the tap handle, uses sound waves to create a wonderful creamy, foamy head to top off your beer!  The little micro 2017-01-08_17-11-24_275bubbles that make up beer foam have incredible aroma when they burst and can enhance the taste of the beer!  I bought mine via a Kickstarter campaign just like I did with the Eagle Cap-Off.  If you are Shark Tank fans, you may have seen the Fizzics founders on the show….and they received a nice investment from a couple of the Sharks!   My Fizzics was delivered the week before Christmas so I put it under the tree and patiently waited to open it.

Here’s how it works – I have the Waytap version – you put a 12 oz. bottle or up to a 25 oz. can in the cylinder and make sure the metal tube (see the metal tube in the picture below) is in the bottle or can.  Pull the taphandle and the beer begins to flow.  Once you have 2017-01-15_15-30-32_321most of the beer poured, you push the tap handle and the foam gets created using the remainder of the beer and the sound wave technology.  It takes a few beers to get the hang of it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

The Fizzics Waytap is a portable item and runs on 4 AA batteries.  I think it’s a pretty neat invention and I appreciate the concept of a good foamy head increasing the overall taste and aroma experience, so I’m a big fan.  The only drawback to the Waytap is that it’s not big enough to handle bottles larger than 12 oz…..that job goes to the initial Fizzics model.   The OG Fizzics can handle up to and including 64 oz. Growlers!!  Head over to the Fizzics website and take a look!  A lot of good information and videos to interest you…..and perhaps entice you to buy one!

I encourage you to visit both the Eagle Cap-Off and Fizzics websites and check out their products.  I’m glad I did!

Until next time….have a Stoutstanding week!




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