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In my last post, I reviewed my taste testing of Vermont DIPAs.  While that was enjoyable, I’m happy to get back to the Stout world.  I came back with a bang: I sampled Alesmith’s Hawaiian Speedway Stout and Vietnamese Coffee Speedway Stout at a local Bottleshop (thanks Wine and Beer 101- Raleigh!).  They poured 8 oz. glasses in order to give as many people as possible the chance to sample some Speedway Stout variations that don’t make it to the East Coast on a regular basis.   I fully support their position – part of the attraction to craft beer is the camaraderie and community of a common interest.   Well done, Wine and Beer 101 – Raleigh!!2016-01-08_172652000_CF4D9_iOS
As far as the samples, I enjoyed both variations (above left, Hawaiian, above right, Vietnamese Coffee).  I need to figure out how to critique draft pours better…..or perhaps I shouldn’t critique draft pours at all!  Bartenders tend to maximize the liquid and minimize the head – except for Guinness.   I lean more toward wanting an inch of foamy head as part of the presentation, as I can get some excellent aromas from the foam.   I liked the Vietnamese Coffee a tad better than the Hawaiian, but that’s really splitting hairs.  After the tasting, I now know that I’d like to get a bottle of each so I can really have a chance to taste and savor them a bit more!

As for my weekend tastings, it was a Michigan weekend, as I sampled Dark Horse’s Plead the 5th from Marshall, MI and Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout from Kalamazoo, MI.   Visit my “Recent Reviews” page to read my comments on each.



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