The Holiday Season!

Since this is the Holiday season, it must also be Stout season.  There is at least one new stout release every single day and while it seems like a lot right now, it helps when the dog days of IPA (I mean summer) are here and you have stocked up on stouts  now!  Tonight I enjoyed Milk & Cookies, a release from our friends in Asheville, NC – Wicked Weed!  Enjoyable yes, memorable no- although I wouldn’t mind these Milk & Cookies on Christmas Eve!  It had a nice flavor palate but seemed a bit thin in the mouth.  I like my stouts with a bit more thickness to them.

My beer cooler is packed to the gills with Stouts (and a stray Heady Topper and Second Fiddle), so I best get back to making some room for more stouts.  I am assembling my year end awards, so check back in a week or two and we can let the debates begin!

Happy Holidays!



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