Why Stouts?

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Welcome to the Stoutwhisperer….a blog devoted primarily to the world of Stout beers, sometimes Porters, and every so often a dalliance into other beer types.  Why Stout beers you ask?  Well, aside from the fact that Stouts are the best beer type known to man (sorry, it’s my blog), there is a physiological reasons for me at least.  I seem to be able to drink Stouts (within reason) without much effect, whereas other beer types seem to give me the dreaded morning after headache.   So Stout beer it is!

I also like big, bold tastes – give me notes of coffee, chocolate, and toffee and I’m a happy guy.   Throw the fruit and spice layers in – cherry, coconut, cinnamon, and all the variations of coffee types.  Finally add the layer of barrel aged variants, and things go to another level. Let’s put it this way….when you’ve had a really good stout, it stays with you for a long time.

I started with the training wheels, I sampled Guinness Stout (and sampled again..and again).  That led me to branch out and try other Stouts…which has given me the love to concentrate on this one type of beer.  I like to stray every now and then (Heady Topper, Pliny the Elder come to mind), but I always come back to my beloved Stouts.

What will I write about?  The entire process – brewing to drinking and all things in between.  Special releases to off the shelf treasures.  Reviews and interviews.  Glassware and labels.  The art and science of Stouts. Stout vs. Porter.  Cellaring and aging Stouts. Truth be told, there are enough topics to keep me writing for quite some time!  Lastly, I hope to interact with those who read these words and choose to contribute your own thoughts and ideas on Stouts.

So welcome…..pour a glass/snifter/chalice of your favorite stout and give my blog a read.  If you are so inclined, feel free to share your thoughts on the Comments page.  I welcome your participation!


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I am a regular guy with an irregular affinity for all things Stout related. I enjoy sampling, reviewing and writing about Stouts for my blog, www.stoutwhisperer.com.

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